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Interview With She Makes Tour


When Laura Kidd isn’t recording, touring or performing as She Makes War, taking photos, producing videos, teaching people how to be successful independent musicians on their own terms, ripping up the rule book, writing her blog or living the dream of a technologically-astute social media guru, she plays bass for Tricky at his live shows. Recently she joined him on a whistle-stop tour of South America which took in Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia, before finishing in Mexico City. Although the schedule was intense Laura managed to do plenty of exploring, play a few solo gigs, and take plenty of beautiful photos, our favourites of which are hung conveniently in this digital gallery for you.

You can read all about the tour on Laura’s beautiful blog. Here’s a small excerpt:

“Having been regaled with more ever-so-slightly-hysterical scare stories about 12 year old crack addicts knifing people to steal their bags I did my usual thing of keeping my wits about me, holding on to my bag and trying not to flash my camera too much but once again I didn’t have any negative reactions from local people, and became far more concerned about dying in a road traffic accident.”

As well as the photos, Laura recorded some sounds she found as well, which we’d recommend as the perfect accompaniment to these snaps. You can listen to the hustle, bustle and gristle of South America here.

Now safely back in the UK, Laura is currently recording songs for She Makes War’s second album (check out audio production schools). If you would like to get involved she has a great PledgeMusic campaign here with all manner of delights to purchase (including a slightly creepy paper doll) and ways for you to get involved.  This is DIY kids. This is the credible artist buy-in that the fat cat record companies can’t give you. This is the future.

If that wasn’t enough She Makes War’s debut album (Disarm) is also out, and if you haven’t already then you should check out this intraview she shot for us last year.

She Makes War, she makes tours and then she makes some more. She makes many things, and they are rarely anything other than considered and beautiful.