I have loved The Brute Chorus for a long time. I have loved them since they were called Low Sparks and first stayed at my house about a decade ago, living only on a rider of fruit, bootleg brandy and shards of psych-skiffle which they found in bins. I loved them more when they repeated this year-on-year, working their way around every venue in Leeds. I loved them when they recorded their debut album live in one take at the Camden Roundhouse and had to spend several days mastering out the deafening whooping noises made by an anonymous member of the A Negative Narrative team. They didn’t love us so much for that, nor when we invited strangers back to their flat and stayed up all night making a nonsensical noise, though – to be honest – we are pretty unlovable sometimes. I have loved them since they did one of our first ever intraviews and I still loved them later when they did a photographic track-by-track guide to their second album (look here). I will probably always love them but, as they say in Brooklyn –  no homo. They’re just a belting band. This isn’t indie one-upmanship of the hipster ‘I was there before you’ variety. It’s more an invitation to bask in the warm glory of this love with me. Like a huge audio orgy I guess.

If you’re unfamiliar with the sound that these skiffle-touting, quiff-sprouting, heretical ne’er-do-wells make then just imagine what it’d sound like if Nick Cave listened to more Dick Dale, moved into a Whitechapel squat and fronted a stripped-down version of The Sonics. Think: religious rhetoric, psych-stylings, chugging bass lines and incendiary voodoo-wop. You’ll notice some of their influences in this Negative_Equity_ mix they’ve put together for us. It’s freely downloadable to you good, good people via the Soundcloud link below. All of which begs the question, what the hell are you waiting for pilgrim? Fill your face. Feed your head.

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