We’ve been big fans of Golau Glau since they submitted an awesome intraview to us last year (you can see it here). As mysterious as the day is long and as experimental as Einstein, these Welsh medieval eight-bit trance tinkers wear their anonymity on their sleeve (adjacent to their hard-won Scout badges for confusion, minimal inertia and melody weaving). The secrecy is possibly because they are shy and nervous, but largely because they don’t want anyone’s opinions of their self-professed silverpop influenced by their individual character traits. Their music is ethereal and dreamy; the sound of a sleek stealth spacecraft watching over an all night trance party in Goa. Perfect then you’d imagine, for us to invite them to compile a mix for us.

You can download the full mix for yourself for keepsies with a simple click here.

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Pye Corner Audio – Electronic Rhythm Number Seven

Bruce Forsyth – Lucretia MacEvil

Max Tundra – Number Our Days

Grady Tate – Naughty Number Nine

Mr Lager – Four Leaf Clover

The Lemonheads – My Hero, Zero

Golau Glau – KBr For JCP

Vada – Martini In The Park (Studio 404 Mix)