Interview With Mock ‘N’ Roll


3D image-making, art-directing duo Lord Whitney and illustrator Jack Hudson recently teamed up to produce a weird and wonderful exhibition inspired by the most iconic and weird record sleeves from the decade that taste forgot.

Together they created an entire back catalogue of 80s-inspired album cover designs for a series of fictional musical artists – including the radly-nomenclatured Bobby Coolfinger, Hank Doom and Les Trois Anoraks. After these faux sleeves (ten of which you can see here) had been created, an array of local musical illuminati were commissioned to spread the eyegasmic smirk across to your lucky ears, with each actual artist adapting one of the faux personas and creating a track as if it was off the imaginary album.

Owen Brinley (Department M), Katie Harkin (Sky Larkin), James Mabbett (Napoleon IIIrd), Paul Marshall (Lone Wolf) and Tom Hudson (Pulled Apart By Horses) are a few of the notables names who got involved, and the compilation album Mock ‘n’ Roll Volume One showcases the original songs penned by these peeps after being inspired by the outré, out-there artworks.You can hear the album here, and buying it will also help support the next stage of the project, with plans afoot to take the exhibition to London and bring the project full circle by getting the album pressed to wax.

You can also see some cool photographic outakes from the project and exhibition launch party here.