• “Arriving at King's Cross super-early. How to while away the time without getting plastered . . .”
  • “Cellists make me happy. Cellists wearing lampshades? Even more so”
  • “One of these is now proudly adorning my wall”
  • “No, I don't know what was quite so worrying, either”
  • “Well, it looked like a door to me . . .”
  • “There's something incredibly sexual about flautists. Especially beautiful ones”
  • “Pedals. Always a sign that you're in for a treat”
  • “Best. Tights. Ever.”
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Interview With Lulu & The Lampshades

The Lexington (London) – 02/02/11

We like to think that around these parts we don’t chew our food like we’re told. It’s partially because we’re obtuse like Dylan, it’s mainly because we’re stubborn and pig-headed (again, like Dylan), it’s a little bit because we think conformity is for the weak (and Topshop shoppers), but it’s largely because we seem to involuntarily sweat fantastical ideas (and piss away some even more ridiculous ones). It’s also because we’re always really hungry and just chug our grub down really quickly without ever thinking of the consequences.

We’ve already brought you the simple-yet-inspired idea of inviting musical artists to answer interview questions through the beautiful medium of digital dagguerreotype and now we’re going to start doing gig reviews without any actual words (though you’ll notice we’ve allowed a line of elaboration for each photo). To start us on our way with this new idea – which we hope will be the complete antithesis of your standard ‘singer next to microphone stand’ boredom – we asked Hannah Morgan to go and check out Lulu & The Lampshades for us at The Lexington last week, and to do her best to create some sort of Dada-esque, lomosexually active, pictoral narrative for us.

It’s safe to say that Hannah Morgan is multi-talented. Not content with being a violin virtuoso in post-post-post-rockers Rumour Cubes (who are currently shooting an intraview for us), she is also a writer and photographer for The 405 and a keen blogger. More mysteriously, her day job involves researching lingerie and translating things. Knowing her skills in the area of aperture (you can check out her Flickr here) and atmosphere, she seemed the ideal choice for our maverick assignment. Here is her story of the night via the medium of those aforementioned pictopixel things which are best served directly into your eyeballs with an accompanying beer. Support on the night came from Tristram and Monument Valley.

If you want to get a taster of the sweet music that Lulu & The Lampshades make whilst you browse through this gallery then may we heartily recommend hitting up one of these links we’ve handily provided. You can expect jolly, jaunty, quirky folk-pop that drinks from the whimsical cup then tucks straight into a huge funburger (with extra relish). Their new EP (Cold Water) is out next week. If you like fun then you’ll like it, and if you don’t like fun then what the hell are you still doing here? Consider yourself barred.