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Interview With Øya Festival/Field Day

XOYO (London) – 24/02/11

Øya Festival sounds mint. Not only does it promise an ‘energetic and symbiotic experience with a unique atmosphere and audience that bears resemblance to no other’ but it also has a great line-up, impeccable green credentials and an awe-inspiring location on the edge of Oslo. You may recall we previewed it recently. Last week the good peeps at Øya teamed up with their friends at Field Day for a London showcase which featured the Nordic talents of Lucy Swann and Team Me who joined Huw Stephens’ favourites Fiction for a shindig at the peculiarly-monikered XOYO.

Oslo-born Lucy Swann distinguished herself from the rest of the pack in 2010 with her expressive vocal abilities and her critically acclaimed debut LP (La Petite Mort) which saw her compared to the likes of Kate Bush and Beyonce.

Bloggers and journalists all around the world seem to be tipping Team Me as one of the hottest newcomers on the block in 2011. Despite the accidental success which propelled them to fore the band are taking the hype in their stride and delivering beyond the lofty expectations bestowed upon them.

With their off-kilter blend of darkcore Fiction describe themselves as ‘highly strung young men trying to find meaning in noises’. They’re currently in the studio working on their second single.

We sent Chris Mathews down to check it all out with the vague brief to keep it unreal. He ended up singing Viking songs in the venue’s stairwells and skoling an øl or two with our hosts. If anyone can tell me why Norwegians are always so amiable, personable, charming, youthful, melodic and accommodating then I’m all ears. Broken Britain can clearly learn a trick or seventeen (particularly regarding community and melody) from our Scandinavian brethren.

Øya have also teamed up with Rough Trade to release a limited edition 7” single which features Lucy Swann and Team Me. It’s available exclusively from Rough Trade and you can bag it here. This project is done in collaboration with (and supported by) Music Export – Norway´s London office.

Photos/Quotes: Chris Mathews (Flickr)