Interview With GALLERY: Live At Leeds


Wow. Live At Leeds delivered the goods again – for the fifth year in a row. We had a small team of crack (and cracked-out) photographers all over our fair city and were going to ambitiously construct a huge photoreel telling the story of the day. Of course, all good plans go astray and when we received Layla Smethurst’s photos back yesterday the executive decision was taken to not dilute them with our other (lamer) efforts of pictographic documentation (we were you see, ten sheets to the wind and six pills to the bad, and everyone knows that dilated pupils scrunched behind small machines in pitch blackness only ever ends in blurry nothingness). So, until I can fashion our other efforts into some sort of acceptable gallery of over-saturated, under-exposed lithographs, you should treat yourself to a peak into Layla’s day. I think you’ll agree, it looks fucking fantastic and may even make your eyes do a little cream.

Layla can be found here. If you like her photos please tell her/add her/follow her. Us photographers are used to being paid only in kudos (though Layla is also available for commissions and paid work):

Layla Smethurst – Website / Facebook / Twitter