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  • “It's possible that all my life needs to be complete is a slide guitar”
  • “Fifty eggs, three minutes: GO!”
  • “Plastic Jesus”
  • “I was taking polaroid photos. People looked at me with hatred but I didn't care”
  • “Captain Courageous”
  • “Food Fighters”
  • “Frank Turner: 'I'm approximately 15% drunker than the last time I was up here'”
  • “Special guest with his own special guest”
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Interview With Lexapalooza Lite

The Old Queen’s Head (London) – 12/02/11

They say that familiarity breeds contempt but I disagree. If anything familiarity breeds content*, especially when in the company of old friends.

As if to field test this hypothesis we sent Hannah Morgan (who also covered Lulu & The Lampshades for us recently) to catch up with Frank Turner (who last month gave us an exclusive peek into his life on the road in the US of Stateside). He was the special guest compere at Lexapalooza Lite, a charity all-dayer at the The Old Queen’s Head to support Breast Cancer Campaign. We love breasts, we hate cancer, Frank’s our man and Hannah’s our roving London correspondent. This is a rare WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN situation. Especially when you also realise that the legendary Beans On Toast is in on the act too. I’ve got previous with Jay you see, as he’s partially responsible for me drunkenly buying a kitten in 2006. But as always, I digress . . .

Also on the bill were Food Fighters, Rumour Cubes, Joshua Caole, Random Impulse and Captain Corageous (who was by all accounts completely off his chebs on Benylin). Plastic Jesus showed up too but no one remembers him arriving, leaving or buying a drink. Still, stranger things have happened at sea.

Show your support for Breast Cancer Campaign by lovingly caressing a warm bosom and donating that chunky coinage you’re about to spend on a pizza here.

* The editorially-astute amongst you will have already realised this works on two levels

Photos/Quotes: Hannah Morgan