Interview With GALLERY: Jeffrey Lewis

@ Hebden Bridge Trades Club

T’other week we went to see Jeffrey Lewis at the Trades Club (the lack of apostrophe still irks me, but it’s a top quality venue nonetheless) in Hebden Bridge. Somehow this gig had slipped under my radar, which is strange because I love Jeffrey Lewis, and the opportunity to see him play completely solo in front of about a hundred people is not an opportunity that arises everyday. Anyway – oversight rectified – we were treated to a cracking show which culminated in @Tiffers_PS drunkenly running the merchandise stall, @Morgan Lewis (who took these photos) drunkenly befriending a heckler and me drunkenly buying all of Jeffrey Lewis’ comics. The strangest thing about this is that I don’t really like comics. But anyway. That doesn’t seem important any more.

We’ve used some poetic license in the chronology of these photos but – as with most things we do – it ends with burnt pizza and Red Stripe.