Interview With Beacons


Here are some photopixels that were taken at Beacons this weekend by tiny blinking machines controlled by shaking, unsteady hands. The best photos were taken by Lauren Potts, Cliff Manning and MJ from Hookworms (who packed out the Vice/Noisey tent on Sunday). I bluffed my way through the rest.

Most people seemed to find the majority of the music at Beacons refreshing, satisfying, enlightening and entertaining, with Juffage, Wild Beasts, Imp, Stalking Horse and the aforementioned Hookworms seemingly getting the majority of the plaudits, likes, thumbs and shares on the blogosphere post-event. Personal highlights included The Wave Pictures (who gave their latest album Long Black Cars a thorough flexing and even threw in I Love You Like A Madman for good measure), Roots Manuva (womp-wa-domp, womp-wa-domp) and Grass House (who veered erratically between dark, dank malevolence, Dada-esque observations and sweet irony). Music aside, other plus points and unique touches included the Theramin Bollard Ballroom, a massive choice of reasonably priced craft beers and being able to screenprint your own merch from a choice of designs.

With next year in mind Beacons could try and pick up a few tips and tricks from their peers if they’re to take their love buzz to the next level of punter engagement and arty excitement and avoid simply being seen as a rerealised Moor Music Festival. After all, a nice font and a few buzz bands maketh not the full festival feast. All-in-all though, it was a lively year zero for Beacons and it will be interesting to see if all the support behind the scenes can make it shine even brighter in the future.