Interview With Beacons


Last weekend we went to Beacons where, amongst the salubrious delights and questionably-clad proles, we wallowed in the joyous squall of Traams, absorbed the euphoric ambience of Gold Panda, marvelled at the shamanic shennanigans of Stealing Sheep and watched toddlers weep at the malleus-melting maelstrom of Hookworms. On the flipside, the horizontal rain on Saturday night wasn’t much fun and neither was the ear-dulling, ball-aching, numb-nutted nothingness of Local Natives.

With a raft of programme partners attempting to out-ego each other across multiple tents and stages, there was a danger that Beacons would be more style than substance. Thankfully this wasn’t the case and as well as the uber-hip audio programming the festival offered much more in the way of extra curricular activities and food outlets this time around, as these photos attest.

All-in-all a successful and solid second year of trading for Beacons, however the organisers should consider the further evolution of the overall experiential package if they really want to take this to the next level and not just eek out an existence as a hipper reincarnation of Moor Music Festival.